Dummy Models Overview and Downloads

Dummy Models Overview and Downloads

An­thro­po­mor­phic Test De­vices (ATDs), as known as “crash test dum­mies”, are life-size man­nequins equipped with sen­sors that mea­sure forces, mo­ments, dis­place­ments, and ac­cel­er­a­tions. These mea­sure­ments can then be in­ter­pret­ed to pre­dict the ex­tent of in­juries that a hu­man would ex­pe­ri­ence dur­ing an im­pact. Ide­al­ly, ATDs should be­have like re­al hu­man be­ings while be­ing durable enough to pro­duce con­sis­tent re­sults across mul­ti­ple im­pacts. There are a wide va­ri­ety of ATDs avail­able to rep­re­sent dif­fer­ent hu­man sizes and shapes.

The fol­low­ing mod­els have been com­plet­ed (in at least an al­pha ver­sion) and are avail­able for down­load:

Frontal Im­pact Dum­my Mod­els

De­tailed HY­BRID III 50th Per­centile (In­ter­me­di­ate Re­lease – please read notes) LSTC.H3_­50TH.DE­TAILED.190217_­BE­TA_­In­ter­me­di­ateRe­lease.zip
De­tailed HY­BRID III 5th Per­centile LSTC.H3_­05TH_­DE­TAILED.190217_­V2.1.zip
De­tailed HY­BRID III 95th Per­centile Scaled LSTC.H3_­95TH_­DE­TAILED_­Scaled.151214.V3.03_­BE­TA.zip
De­tailed HY­BRID III 50th Per­centile Low­er Body
(In­ter­me­di­ate Re­lease – please read notes)
RigidFE HY­BRID III 5th, 50th, and 95th Per­centile LSTC.H3.081030_­V1.0.zip
Fast HY­BRID III 50th Per­centile LSTC.H3_­50TH_­FAST.120702_­V2.0.zip
Fast HY­BRID III 5th Per­centile LSTC.H3_­05TH_­FAST.120702_­V2.0.zip
Fast HY­BRID III 95th Per­centile LSTC.H3_­95TH_­FAST.130927_­V2.0.k.zip
Fast HY­BRID III 50th Per­centile Low­er Body LSTC.H3_­50TH_­LOW­ER_­BODY_­FAST.111130_­V2.0.zip
Fast HY­BRID III 5th Per­centile Low­er Body LSTC.H3_­05TH_­LOW­ER_­BODY_­FAST.111130_­V2.0.zip
Fast HY­BRID III 95th Per­centile Low­er Body LSTC.H3_­95TH_­LOW­ER_­BODY_­FAST.130927.V2.0.k.zip


Side Im­pact Dum­my Mod­els

De­tailed World­SID 50th Per­centile LSTC.World­SID_­50TH.180611_­V1.100_­BE­TA.zip
De­tailed SID-IIs D 5th Per­centile LSTC.SID_­IIS_­D.090424_­V0.150_­BE­TA.zip
De­tailed ES-2 50th Per­centile LSTC.ES-2.100208_­V0.101.BE­TA.zip
De­tailed ES-2re 50th Per­centile with Rib Ex­ten­sions LSTC.ES-2RE.150624_­V0.201.BE­TA.zip
US­SID LSTC.US­SID.110315_­v4.3.zip
FAST SID-IIs D 5th Per­centile LSTC.SID-IIS_­D_­FAST.110923_­V0.100_­BE­TA.zip


Child Dum­my Mod­els

De­tailed Hy­brid III 6-year-old LSTC.H3_­6YO.150202_­V0.104.BE­TA.zip


Oth­er Dum­my Mod­els

Free Mo­tion Head­form (FMH) LSTC.FMH.091201_­V2.0.zip
Pedes­tri­an Head­form Adult LSTC.PEDES­TRI­AN_­HEAD­FORM_­ADULT.180601_­V1.06.BE­TA.zip
Pedes­tri­an Head­form Child LSTC.PEDES­TRI­AN_­HEAD­FORM_­CHILD.180605_­V1.03.BE­TA.zip
HY­BRID III 50th Per­centile Stand­ing LSTC.H3_­50TH_­STAND­ING.100630_­BE­TA.k.zip
Pedes­tri­an Leg­forms LSTC.PEDES­TRI­AN_­LEG­FORMS.141119_­V2.3.2.zip
Rigid Hy­brid II Out­er Shape for ECE-R29 LSTC.H2_­ECE-R29_­2_­3_­SHAPE.140127_­V1.0.zip


To sub­mit ques­tions, sug­ges­tions, or feed­back about LSTC’s mod­els, please send an e-mail to: models@ansys.com. Al­so, please con­tact us if you would like to help im­prove these mod­els by shar­ing test da­ta.