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  • spweld panel
  • Figure 1 – SpWeld Interface


This interface is used for showing, creating, modifying, and deleting *CONSTRAINED_SPOTWELD cards in LS-DYNA.


  • rbs Show – Show existing *CONSTRAINED_SPOTWELD entities
  • rb Modify – Modifying *CONSTRAINED_SPOTWELD values
  • rb Create – Create new *CONSTRAINED_SPOTWELD entities
  • rb Delete – Delete *CONSTRAINED_SPOTWELD
  • rb CDelete – Check and delete invalid *CONSTRAINED_SPOTWELD

For Show, Modify, Delete, and CDelete, the Entity Operation Interface is displayed in the secondary controls area. For Create, the bottom panel is as shown in Figure 2 below.

  • Label: Set current entity label type

  • WID: Enter spot weld optional ID
  • cbc ShowPara – Show spot weld parameters in entity list
  • cbc N1 – Enter Node ID 1
  • cb N2 – Enter Node ID 2


 Select all Constrained Spotweld


 Deselect all Constrained Spotweld


 Reverse selection Constrained Spotweld


 All selected list Constrained Spotweld


 Apply create, delete, and modify


 Cancel modify


 Exit Constrained Spotweld interface

  • Click item from list to select (1)

Bottom Panel:

  • spweld bottom panel
  • Figure 2 – Create Bottom Panel
  • SN: Normal force at spotweld failure (optional)
  • SS: Shear force at spotweld failure (optional)
  • N: Exponent for normal spotweld force (optional)
  • M: Exponent for shear spotweld force (optional)
  • TF: Failure time for nodal constraint set
  • EP: Effective plastic strain at failure

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