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  • iihs panel
  • Figure 1 – IIHS Interface


This interface is used to measure and plot the residual movement of interior structures as measured by The Insurance Institute of Highway Safety (IIHS).

The movement of seven points on the vehicle interior plus the closing of the distance between the A and B-pillars are the foundations of the Institutes’s structural ratings. The measured movement of the interior seven points is adjusted to reflect movement toward the driver seat, which is represented by the locations of its attachment to the vehicle floor. Thus, movement of the driver seat with respect to the reference coordinate system is not reflected in evaluations of vehicle structure (this adjustment is not made for the A-to-B-pillar closure).

There are seven interior points whose movement is measured. Two points are on the lower instrument panel located in front of the dummy’s knees, four points are on the footwell area (threeacross the toepan and one on the driver’s outboard footrest), and the last point is measured on the brake pedal. The intrusion measurements are done by removing the rigidbody rotations (or yawing) of the vehicle after impact with the barrier, hence, the need to define a reference coordinate sytem.

The following information is required as input to create the IIHS intrusion chart:

  • 1. nodout file
  • 2. node numbers for the locations and reference system needed for the IIHS template

The information for item number 2 may be contained in an file or the nodes can be picked directly from the model (or keyed in by node ID). An example of an file is listed below:

  • N1     450408
  • N2     610047
  • N3     506608
  • Footwell     508316
  • LeftToePan     533180
  • CenterToePan     531302
  • RightToePan     714685
  • BrakePedal     2543829
  • LeftIP     2544264
  • RightIP     2512780
  • Door     2507322
  • Seatmount1     450408
  • Seatmount2     450416
  • Seatmount3     450222
  • Seatmount4     450228
  • *END


  • iihs plot
  • Figure 2 – IIHS Intrusion Guidelines (mm)
  • Filename: Input nodout filename
  • Type: Set current read filter type (Nodout, In, Out)


 Browse file system for nodout file


 Load current nodout file

  • cbc N1 – Pick node 1 of reference coordinate system
  • cb N2 – Pick node 2 of reference coordinate system
  • cb N3 – Pick node 3 of reference coordinate system

  • cbc Footwell – Pick footwell measurement point
  • cb LeftToePan – Pick left toe pan measurement point
  • cb CenterToePan – Pick center toe pan measurement point
  • cb RightToePan – Pick right toe pan measurement point
  • cb BrakePedal – Pick brake pedal measurement point
  • cb LeftIP – Pick left instrument panel measurement point
  • cb RightIP – Pick right instrument panel measurement point
  • cb Door – Pick door measurement point

  • cbc 1 – Pick seat mount point 1
  • cb 2 – Pick seat mount point 2
  • cb 3 – Pick seat mount point 3
  • cb 4 – Pick seat mount point 4


 Create a new plot in the bottom panel list (1)


 Add the current plot to the list


 Replace the current plot with the selected one from the list


 Exit from IIHS interface

Borrom Panel:

  • iihs bottom
  • Figure 3 – IIHS Bottom Panel

 Create new IIHS intrusion plot from the selected list


 Add selected to the existing IIHS intrusion plot


 Modify selected IIHS intrusion plot


 Delete selected IIHS intrusion plot


 Write selected IIHS intrusion plot to an external file

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