Entity Operation Interface

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Description: This module is used by many of the interfaces on Page 5. It allows the user to select entities from the drawing area to display them as well as for modification and deletion.

entity operation


  • rbs Pick Entity – Pick a single entity
  • rb Area – Select entities inside/outside a user defined area
  • rb Polygon – Select entities inside/outside a user defined region

  • rbs In – Select entities inside the area/polygon
  • rb Out – Select entities outside the area/polygon

  • rbs Partial – Select entities even if only partially within the area
  • rb Whole – Only select entities completely within the area
  • rbs Show – Show entity
  • rb Blank – Blank entity/part/element
  • rb Ident – Identify entity
  • rb Kcard – Show keyword form for entity

Show All

 Display all entities

Show None

 Hide all entities


 Reverse entity display