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  • coord panel
  • Figure 1 – Coord Interface


This interface is used for showing, creating, modifying, and deleting the following LS-DYNA keyword cards:



  • rbs Show – Show existing *DEFINE_COORDINATE entities
  • rb Create – Create new *DEFINE_COORDINATE entities
  • rb Modify – Modify existing *DEFINE_COORDINATE entities
  • rb Delete – Delete existing *DEFINE_COORDINATE entities

For Show, Modify, and Delete, the Entity Operation Interface is displayed in the secondary controls area. For Create:*SYSTEM and Create:*VECTOR, the Vector Operation Interface is displayed in the secondary controls area. For Create:*NODES, the bottom panel is as shown in Figure 2 below.

  • Label: Select label type

  • Coord Type: Select coordinate type

  • CID: Coordinate ID. A unique number has to be defined

 Generate a new ID for keyword

  • Title: Enter a title for the coordinate entity


 Select all *DEFINE_COORDINATE entities


 Deselect all *DEFINE_COORDINATE entities


 Reverse selection


 Select all entities within the selected range


 Apply entries for creation/modification or selections for deletion


 Cancel entries for modification


 Write selected coord data to file


 Exit *Define_Coordinate Data interface

  • Click item from list to select (1)

Bottom Panel:

  • coord bottom
  • Figure 2 – Create:*NODES Bottom Panel
  • cbc N1 – Enter node ID for node at local origin
  • cb N2 – Enter node ID for node on loacal x-axis
  • cb N3 – Enter node ID for node on local x-y plane

  • Flag: Set to unity, 1, if the local system is to be updated each time step for the BOUNDARY_SPC nodal constraints and ELEMENT_BEAM type 6, the discrete beam element. Generally, this option when used with nodal SPC’s is not recommended since it can cause excursions in the energy balance because the constraint forces at the node may go through a displacement if the node is partially constrained.

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