Non-Newtonian Flows

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Clas­sic flu­id me­chan­ics ap­pli­ca­tions in­volve flows that use a con­stant vis­cos­i­ty in­de­pen­dent of tem­per­a­ture and shear rate. Those flu­ids are said to fol­low New­ton’s law of vis­cos­i­ty and are there­fore called New­ton­ian flu­ids (Wa­ter, most aque­ous so­lu­tions, oil, air and oth­er gas­es). How­ev­er, for some flu­ids this as­sump­tion does not hold. The flow of Non-New­ton­ian flu­ids is al­so en­coun­tered in many branch­es of en­gi­neer­ing (phys­i­cal chem­istry, blood me­chan­ics, hair gel, corn syrup, oobleck) and fre­quent­ly when sim­u­lat­ing flow in pipes. The ICFD solver in­cludes the Pow­er-Law mod­el in or­der to sim­u­late Non-New­ton­ian flows.