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  • dbhsit panel
  • Figure 1 – DBHist Interface


Time history output requests in LS-DYNA for nodes and elements are done using the following keyword cards:


In LS-DYNA there are also variants to this request which are not currently supported through this interface. This interface allows for the display, creation, and deletion of the time history entities listed above.


  • rbs Show – Show existing *DATABASE_HISTORY entities
  • rb Create – Create new *DATABASE_HISTORY entities
  • rb Modify – Modify existing *DATABASE_HISTORY entities
  • rb Delete – Delete existing *DATABASE_HISTORY entities

For Show and Delete, the Entity Operation Interface is displayed in the secondary controls area. For Create, the General Selection Interface is displayed in the secondary controls area.

  • Type: Select database history data type

  • Label: Select label type


 Select all *DATABASE_HISTORY entities


 Deselect all *DATABASE_HISTORY entities


 Reverse selection


 Select all entities within the selected range


 Apply entries for creation/modification or selections for deletion


 Exit Database History Data interface

  • Click item from list to select (1)

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