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  • box panel
  • Figure 1 – Box Interface


This interface is used for showing, creating, modifying, and deleting the following LS-DYNA keyword cards:


The creation and modification can be carried out by various method such as selecting nodes by area, by polygon, and all visible. There are also facilities for translation and scaling.


  • rbs Show – Show existing *DEFINE_BOX entities
  • rb Create – Create new *DEFINE_BOX entities
  • rb Modify – Modify existing *DEFINE_BOX entities
  • rb Delete – Delete existing *DEFINE_BOX entities

For Show, Modify, and Delete, the Entity Operation Interface is displayed in the secondary controls area. For Create, the bottom panel is as shown in Figure 2 below.

  • Label: Select label type

  • Type: Select entity type


 Select all * DEFINE_BOX entities


 Deselect all * DEFINE_BOX entities


 Reverse selection


 Select all entities within the selected range


 Apply entries for creation/modification or selections for deletion


 Cancel entries for modification


  Write box to file


 Exit *Define_Box Data interface

  • Click item from list to select (1)

Bottom Panel:

  • box bottom
  • Figure 2 – Create Bottom Panel
  • Title: Enter box title
  • BOXID: Enter box ID
  • PID: Enter PartID – If zero, all active elements are considered (only available for type: *BOX_ADAPTIVE)
  • LEVEL: Maximum number of refinement levels for elements in box (only available for type: *BOX_ADAPTIVE)
  • IFLAG: Enter 0/1 (only available for type: *BOX_COARSEN)

  • X: Enter Minimum/Maximum X-coordinate
  • Y: Enter Minimum/Maximum Y-coordinate
  • Z: Enter Minimum/Maximum Z-coordinate

  • rbs MinMax – Select two nodes as minimum and maximum for box
  • cbc Min – Pick node as minimum extreme of box
  • cb Max – Pick node as maximum extreme of box
  • rb Areain – Select nodes inside a user defined area for the box
Allvis Mode

 Select all visable nodes as maximum and minimum of box

  • rb Polyin – Select nodes inside a user defined region for the box
Allvis Mode

 Select all visable nodes as maximum and minimum of box

  • rb Translate – Translate box
  • cbc X – Translate box in x direction
  • cb Y – Translate box in y direction
  • cb Z – Translate box in z direction

  • Distance: Enter distance to translate box


 Translate in negative direction


 Translate in positive direction

  • rb Scale – Scale box
  • cbc X – Scale box in x direction
  • cb Y – Scale box in y direction
  • cb Z – Scale box in z direction

  • Scale: Enter scale factor


 Scale box down


 Scale box up

  • rb Drag – Drag box
  • This option is currently unavailable

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