While preparing "Workshop_2", I made one mistake.  It is as follows:   At about Time 40:35 (40-min, 35-sec) in the Video, I was discussing the fact  that "LS_Dyna" can work with the "same Numerical IDs for Beam Elements, Shell Elements, Solid Elements" and so on.  There I said that LSPP cannot handle the case where different "Element Types" have the same Numerical_ID.  That statement is wrong about LSPP.   If a Deck is "already prepared" using some other Pre-Processor and that Deck contains the "same Numerical ID" for different Element Types - and Dyna can run that Deck correctly - then LSPP can "read in" that Deck correctly also. LSPP can also write out the Deck correctly.  Therefore, LSPP can "handle" this situation when it tries to "read in" a pre- existing Deck (or write it out).   LSPP only has a problem while "renumbering" the whole Deck.  When LSPP renumbers the whole Deck, then it assigns "different IDs" to different Element Types. That means, if a Shell Element has the ID "1", then it does not assign the ID "1" to any other Element type.   That is what the real issue is. It is only while "renumbering" that LSPP takes this action.   Sarba Guha LSTC, Troy Office, Michigan, USA  May-02, 2017