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  • views panel
  • Figure 1 – Views Interface


This interface is used to save and retrieve information regarding model appearance, color, and orientation. It is available for both pre-processing and post-processing. Unlike the Group and SelPar interfaces, this allows storing information at an element level.

Using the Blank interface only a region of elements can be kept and stored in a view. The View interface is typically used to store various portions of a very complex model first. This information for a particular model can be stored using the Save button and later loaded using the Load button. During a presentation these views can be accessed very quickly during for time limited presentations

Various fringed information can be saved in these views such as plastic strains in one view and von-mises stress in another. While plastic strains are being animated, a view containing von-mises stress can be selected without having to go to the Fringe interface.


  • List of saved views (1)

  • View Name_number: Enter a new view name
  • cbc Color – Toggle Save/Retrieve model color on/off
  • cb Appearance – Toggle Save/Retrieve model appearance on/off
  • cb Orientation – Toggle Save/Retrieve model orientation on/off


 Save the current view to memory


 Retrieve selected view from memory


 Delete selected view from memory


 Exit Save/Retrieve Views interface

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