Getting started with LS-DYNA

LS-DYNA is used to solve multi-physics problems including solid mechanics, heat transfer, and fluid dynamics either as separate phenomena or… more

Contact Modeling in LS-DYNA

Contact treatment forms an integral part of many large-deformation problems. Accurate modeling of contact interfaces between bodies is crucial… more

Element Locking

Under some circumstances the displacements calculated by the finite element method are orders of magnitude smaller than they should be, a… more

Computational plasticity

A material is said to have deformed plastically if it doesn’t return to its original shape after the load is removed. The most common application for… more

Introduction LS-DYNA/LS-PrePost for explicit and implicit analysis

This is a suite of tutorials with the aim to get new users up and running with using primarily LS-DYNA and LS-PrePost for explicit and implicit analy… more