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This interface is used to trace the paths of nodes over time (note that it is available for post-processing only). The trajectory of nodes can be displayed by selecting them using the General Selection Interface and then playing the animation using the Animation Controls (which can be accessed by clicking the Anim Rendering Button. The plotted traces can be output in several forms (displacement curves, coordinate histories, or *BOUNDARY_PRESCRIBED_MOTION_NODE). This data is often used to define prescribed motion for sub-system models.


  • node trace panel
  • Figure 1 – Node Trace Interface
  • rbs Node Trace (see Figure 1)
  • Line Width: Select trace line width
  • Line Color: Select trace line color
  • cbc Node label – Turn node label on/off


  • Starting State: Enter starting state number



Write displacements as *DEFINE_CURVEs for selected nodes


Write coordinate history of selected nodes


Write trace node motion as *BOUNDARY_PRESCRIBED_MOTION_NODE

Clear Trace

Clear traced entities


Exit Node Trace interface

  • streamline panel
  • Figure 2 – Streamline Interface
  • rb Streamline (see Figure 2)
  • Under developement
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