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  • splitw panel
  • Figure 1 – Splitw Interface


Use this interface to open up to four drawing areas. Each window can be operated independently and can display different models. The windows can also be synchronized by state and all animated together.

The selection of a port can either be done by activating TLeft, Tright, Bleft, Bright or by right mouse clicking a graphics viewport area. Upon a user selecting a viewport, LS-PrePost draws a red boarder as a graphical indicator to the user of the port selection. Up to 4 different models can be animated or 4 different views of the same model can be arranged in different orientations. The model in each viewport can be rotated and translated individually or all models can be rotated together by activating the Draw all areas toggle.


  • rbs 1×1 – Single drawing area
  • rb 1×2 – Split window horizontally (two drawing areas)
  • rb 2×1 – Split window vertically (two drawing areas)
  • rb 2×2 – Split window horizontally and vertically (four drawing areas)

  • Model List: Select model to display in active drawing area (1)

  • Draw to Subwindow:
  • rbs Tleft – Draw to top left drawing area
  • rb Bleft – Draw to bottom left drawing area
  • rb Tright – Draw to top right drawing area
  • rb Bright – Draw to bottom right drawing area

  • cbc Draw all areas – Dynamic model operations will affect all drawing areas


     Set all drawing areas (models) to state 1


     Exit Split Window interface

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