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  • showg panel
  • Figure 1 – ShowG Interface


This interface is used to overlay a static grid on the graphics window. It is available for both pre and post-processing and can be especially useful for visualizing relative displacement when viewing animations.

By default, a grid enclosing all nodes in the model is created. The pitch of the grid is equal to the number of units requested. The length unit will be consistent with the models units. The grid origin can also be modified by the user.


  • rbs On – Display the grid in the graphics viewport
  • rb Off – Turn off the grid


 Use model minimum XYZ as origin

  • Origin: Enter new coordinates for origin (current origin coordinates are displayed)
  • Delta: Enter delta (pitch) for the grid

  • cbc XY – Show grid on XY plane only
  • cb XZ – Show grid on XZ plane only
  • cb YZ – Show grid on YZ plane only

  • cbc Always on top – Always plot grid on top of the mesh

  • Grid Color: Modify the gridline color
  • Gridline width: Modify the gridline width

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