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  • setting panel
  • Figure 1 – Setting Interface


This interface is used to organize personal display preferences. Various quantities like displacement scale factors can be set for the entire model or by parts. Although most quantities are for post-processing, some apply to the pre-processing phase as well.


  • rbs Axes/Surface – Open element axes and shell surface integration points interface
  • rb Displ. factor – Open displacement scale factor interface
  • rbs Whole – Displace whole model
  • rb Part – Displace part of model
  • Displacement Scale Factor: Enter/Select displacement scale factor
  • cbc X – Toggle x-direction displacement scale factor
  • cb Y – Toggle y-direction displacement scale factor
  • cb Z – Toggle z-direction displacement scale factor
  • rb Reflections – Open global reflections interface
  • rbs Whole – Reflect whole model
  • rb Part – Reflect part of model
  • Reflect about: Toggle planes to reflect about
  • rb Hic.Csi const. – Open Head Injury Criteria/Chest Severity Index constants interface
  • Time Units: Enter/Select Hic time units
  • Gravity constant: Enter/Select Hic gravity constant
  • rb SPH nodes – Open SPH display options interface
  • SPH Radius Scale: Enter/Select SPH radius scale factor
  • SPH Sphere divs: Enter/Select SPH sphere divisions
  • Style: Select SPH sphere style
  • cbc Fixed radius – Keep SPH radius constant
  • rb Thickness Scale Factor – Open shell thickness scale factor interface
  • rbs Whole – Toggle whole model
  • rb Part – Toggle part of model
  • Thickness Scale Factor: Enter/Select shell thickness scale factor
  • Change in Thickness Scale: – Enter/Select change in shell thickness scale factor
  • Shell Thickness: Enter shell initial thickness for % reduction fringe
  • rb Fringe Scale Factor – Open fringe scale factor interface
  • Fringe Scale Factor: Select/Enter fringe scale factor
  • rb Concrete Crack Width – Open concrete crack width interface
  • Min Width: Enter minimum crack width size (0.0≤w<0.5)
  • cbc FLD E’Strain – Toggle FLD Strain (Engineering/True)
  • cb Local B’Strain – Toggle Local Brick Strain (For solid element strains rotated to assumed local axes – not recommended for normal use)

  • El Axes: Select element axes for stress results
  • Surface: Select position in shells for stress results

  • Select shell integration point from region (1)
  • (Only applicable when Surface = IntPt / BeamIPt)


 Apply selected options to the model


 Clear and picked parts from the list


 Reset model to default options


 Exit Set Display Options interface

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