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  • renum panel
  • Figure 1 – Renum Interface


This interface can be used for renumbering and offsetting of entities within a model. This is only available during the pre-processing phase. An entire model can be renumbered or individual data types like nodes, materials, etc… can be renumbered and offset. For each entity type, either all or a specified range can be renumbered/offset. Upon renumbering or offsetting all referenced data will get updated by LS-PrePost.

Side Panel

  • rbs Renumbering – Renumber keyword file by user ID
  • rb Offset – Renumber keyword file by offset user ID

Bottom Panel

  • rbs All – Renumber/Offset all
  • rb Range – Renumber/Offset range ID

  • From: Input first ID
  • To: Input last ID
  • Start ID: Renumber start ID/offset value


 Renumber or offset current data


 Clear current selection

  • renum bottom
  • Figure 2 – Renum Bottom Panel

Popup Window

  • Default Renumber StartID: Renumber started/offset value


 Renumber keyword tile


 Cancel renumber keyword file


 Edit more keyword shift value


 Renumber keyword file by user ID


 Cancel renumber keyword file

  • renum popup
  • Figure 3 – Renum Popup

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