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  • project panel
  • Figure 1 – Project Interface


This interface provides various methods of projecting nodes to a plane, to a mesh, or to CAD curves. The planes can be normal to global x, y, z directions or normal to a vector defined by 2 nodes or a plane defined by 3 nodes.

Optionally the projection can be performed on a copy of the selected elements. In this case the original selected elements are retained at their starting location.


  • Plane: Select plane of projection
  • (Norm X/Norm Y/Norm Z/N1-N2/N1-N2-N3/To Mesh/To Curve/To Surface)

  • cbc Pick node on plane of p – Pick a node on the plane of projection

  • Node ID: Enter a node ID on the plane of projection (Hit enter to accept)
  • XYZ: Enter x, y, z coordinates on the plane of projection

  • cbc Node1 – Enter first node ID for N1-N2 and N1-N2-N3 planes
  • cb Node2 – Enter second node ID
  • cb Node3 – Enter third node ID

  • cbc Along – Project nodes along specified direction

 Call Direction Dialog


 Set direction 1,0,0


 Set direction 0,1,0


 Set direction 0,0,1


 Perform projection for selected nodes


 Accept the project operation


 Reject the project operation


 Exit Project Model interface

  • cbc Copy elem – Copy elements while transforming the model
  • cb Transfer – Transfer selection to newly copied elements
  • cb Pick Part – Pick target part from drawing area or enter part ID


 Open part list dialog

  • Starting EID: Enter starting Element ID
  • Starting NID: Enter starting Node ID

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