LS-Pre­Post is an ad­vanced pre and post-proces­sor that is de­liv­ered free with LS-DY­NA. The user in­ter­face is de­signed to be both ef­fi­cient and in­tu­itive. LS-Pre­Post runs on Win­dows, Lin­ux, and Macs uti­liz­ing OpenGL graph­ics to achieve fast ren­der­ing and XY plot­ting. The lat­est builds can be down­loaded from LSTC’s FTP Site.

Pre-processing Features

  • Mesh­ing Tools
    • Sur­face Mesh­ing
    • Sol­id Mesh­ing
    • Tool Mesh­ing
    • 2D Mesh­ing
    • Tet Mesh­ing
    • Block Mesh­ing
    • Mesh Mor­ph­ing
  • Spe­cial Ap­pli­ca­tions
    • Met­al Form­ing
    • Roller Hem­ming
    • Airbag Fold­ing
    • Dum­my Po­si­tion­ing
    • Seat­belt Fit­ting
    • Pen­e­tra­tion Check­ing
    • Mod­el Check­ing