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  • peneck panel
  • Figure 1 – PeneCk Interface


This interface is for checking initial penetrations for metalforming simulations. It is NOT for fixing initial penetrations (for checking and fixing initial penetrations in a model, the Conchk Interface on Page 5 can be used). The model may contain several parts. Penetrations can be checked on multiple parts by selecting master and slave groups (master and slave groups may contain one or more parts each).


  • rbs Pick part – Pick part for penetration check
  • rb Area – Use area to select parts for penetration check
  • rb Poly – Use polygon to select parts for penetration check

  • rbs In – Select parts inside of area or polygon
  • rb Out – Select parts outside of area or polygon

  • rb Master – Select parts as master parts
  • rb Slave – Select parts as slave parts

  • Select parts from list for penetration check (1)







  • rb Current State – Check only the current state
  • rb All States – Check all the states

  • cbc Draw Outline Only – Draw collided parts with outline only
  • cb Stop Animation – Stop the animation when collision occurs


 Perform penetration check for selected parts


 Clear collision drawing for the current state

Clear All

 Clear collision drawing for all states

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