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  • partd panel
  • Figure 1 – PartD Interface


This interface provides various functions related to the *PART keyword card in LS-DYNA.


  • rbs Show – Display part information – number of elements and nodes for selected parts
  • rb Create – Create types: beam, shell, solid, tshell, mass, discrete, seatbelt, inertia, rsurf, sphnd, fluid
  • rb Modify – Modify *PART data such as: Title, MID, SecID, EosID, HgID, TmID
  • rb Sear – Search selected part for SecID, MID, EosID, HgID, etc…
  • rb Assi – Assign SecID, MID, etc… to selected parts
  • rb Prop – Review and modify section, material, etc…

  • Part Type – Select Part Entity type

  • rbs Pick – Pick a single part
  • rb Area – Select entities inside/outside a user defined area
  • rb Poly – Select entities inside/outside a user defined region
  • rb In – Select entities inside the area/polygon
  • rb Out – Select entities outside the area/polygon


 Select all parts


 Deselect all parts


 Reverse selection


 Delete selected parts


 Write selected parts to a file


 Exit Part Data interface

Show: Bottom Panel

  • partd bottom
  • Figure 2 – Show Bottom Panel

Crea & Modi: Bottom Panel

  • partd bottom
  • Figure 3 – Crea & Modi Bottom Panel
  • Part Title: Enter part title

  • SECID: Enter Section ID (Open link dialog by clicking blue label)
  • MID: Enter Material ID
  • EOSID: Enter Equation of state ID
  • HGID: Enter Hourglass/bulk viscosity ID
  • TMID: Enter Thermal material property ID

  • GRAV: Select part initialization for gravity loading
  • ADPOPT: Select part adaptivity

Sear & Assi: Bottom Panel

  • partd bottom
  • Figure 4 – Sear & Assi Bottom Panel

Load RefBy

 Load Part IDs stored in selected reference buffer

  • Buffn: Select buffer to load Part IDs


 Search for parts using user defined parameters

Prop: Bottom Panel

  • partd bottom
  • Figure 5 – Prop Bottom Panel
  • rbs Section – Display the section form
  • rb Eos – Display the eos form
  • rb Gravity – Display the gravity form
  • rb Material – Display the material form
  • rb Hourglass – Display the hourglass form
  • rb Adaptivity – Display the adaptivity form

  • cbc AuMd – Auto modify partIDs that reference this property


 Modify current property form data


 Show partIDs that reference this property

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