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  • Page 1 Interface
 Set a reference point/plane for animations
 Output model data
 Add annotations to a model
 Create cross sections of the model
 Set fringe and Iso-surface ranges
 Find a node/element/part by entering its unique ID
 Display fringe component data on the model
 Change the appearance of selected parts
 Create and manipulate groups of parts
 Split graphics region into multi-view
 Trace the paths of nodes over time
 Apply effects using up to ten independent light sources
 Organize personal display preferences
 Display normal vectors for any element in the model
 Display the ID for any node/element/part in the model
 Display and plot data for various data over time
 Apply different colors and transparency levels to selected parts
 Blank selected elements
 Control all open XY-Plot windows and files using this interface
 Interface for metal forming analysis
 Activate/deactivate time states and apply overlays to the model
 Make measurements and create local coordinate systems
 Browse and display data in LS-DYNA ASCII output files
 Save and retrieve appearance, color, and orientation settings
 Open and select multiple models
 Select which parts to display
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