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  • output panel
  • Figure 1 – Output Interface


This interface is used to output model data. During post-processing of binary d3plot files, often there is a need to write entire or partial models out at a particular state in various third party formats as well as in LS-DYNA keyword file format. Such output is often used for conducting analysis like spring-back followed by crash analysis.

In additions to this, the output can be limited to only nodal coordinates, element definitions, nodal velocities, element results, nodal results, shell principal strains, shell element thicknesses, and fluid surfaces. Fluid surfaces are only available if fluid data is present from ALE simulations in d3plot files. Output of a number of states can be saved to a single file by activating the Append option.


  • Format: Select output style
  • (Keyword/MovieBYU/Nastran/Dynain ASCII/InitDisp.sif/.STL ASCII/.STL Binary)

  • rbs Active parts only – Write out active parts and elements only
  • rb Entire Model – Write data for the entire model

  • rbs Internal Number – Write elements and nodes using internal numbers
  • rb User Number – Write elements and nodes using user numbers

  • cbc Element – Write element connectivity to file
  • cb Node coordinate – Write nodal coordinates to file
  • cb Node displacement – Write nodal displacement to file
  • cb Element results – Write element results to file
  • cb Nodal results – Write nodal results to file
  • cb Shell P-strain – Write shell principal strain to file
  • cb Shell Thickness – Write shell thickness to file
  • cb Fluid Surface – Write fluid surface to file

  • State no: State sequence to be written
  • (e.g. 1:5:2 writes out data for states 1, 5, and 2 in that order)
  • cbc Append – Select to append data to an existing file


Set State No: to current state


Start writing file


Exit Formatted output interface

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