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Graphics Viewport

  • graphics viewport
  • Figure 1 – Graphics Viewport

The graphical display in LS-PrePost is OpenGL driven. Most graphics settings can be controlled using the Rendering Buttons, with the Configuration File, or through the Toggle Menu.

Primary & Secondary Controls

  • controls
  • Figure 2 – GUI Controls

Efforts have been made to use user interface controls in a manner consistent with other common applications. One reminder that may assist users in more rapidly familiarizing themselves with the various interfaces within LS-PrePost is the correct and distinct usage of radio buttons and check boxes.

Per widely accepted GUI standards, radio buttons are used for lists of two or more mutually exclusive items (like a multiple choice question).

Check boxes can be used in two ways. When grouped, they allow the user to select any number of items from the list. When presented alone, they act to toggle an option on or off (similar to a true/false question).


Status Bar

  • status bar
  • Figure 3 – Status Bar

The status bar is a Windows only feature. At the mouse is positioned over various interface controls, context specific help comments are displayed here (a few examples are shown in Figure 3).