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  • model panel
  • Figure 1 – Model Interface


This interface is used to open and select multiple models during both pre-processing and post-processing. During the pre-processing phase, it allows switching of models. Translations are only for model display mode only. No permanent changes are made to the models through this interface.

Multiple model results loaded through binary files d3plot, d3thdt, d3drlf, and lspost databases can be post-processed together or individually. In order to facilitate animation of multiple models that have different termination times as well as different numbers of states, users can select whether to synchronize to the model that has the smallest state or largest.

Multiple models by default are displayed at their original position. If the user desires to move the models for side by side comparisons, translate can be use to translate models to suit the users preference.


  • rbs Sel – Select models to be active
  • Model List – Select model to display (1)

 Select all models to be active


 Deselect all models


 Reverse model selection

  • rbs Sync largest state – Animate to the largest state
  • rb Sync smallest state – Animate to the smallest state
Sync State

 Sync all model to the same state

  • cbc SetActive – Select a model to make it active & pickable

 Exit Model Selection interface

  • rb Trans – Translate models graphically
  • cbc X – Ttranslate model in global X direction
  • cb Y – Ttranslate model in global Y direction
  • cb Z – Ttranslate model in global Z direction
  • Trans dist: The distance amount to be translated

 Translate model in negative direction


 Translate model in positive direction


 Reset model to original platform

  • rb Remove – Remove models from the program memory

 Remove models from the program memory

  • rb Info – Show model information
Show Info

 Show information about the selected model

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