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  • measure panel
  • Figure 1 – Measure Interface


This interface is used to make measurements of various aspects of the model and to create local coordinate systems. It is available for pre and post-processing phases. If an LS-DYNA keyword file or project file is loaded, measurements are limited to single values. If post-processing files are loaded, measured quantities wil be XY plotted. Measurements can be done in the global coordinate system (default) or optionally in a local coordinate system. Upon selecting a local coordinate system, the displacements and coordinates can be measures with respect to that coordinate system.


  • Item: Select an item to measure/Create local coordinate system
  • (Coordinate, Dist N2N, Dist N2S, Dist P2P, Angle 3Node, Angle 4Node, 3Pt Radius, Area, Volume, Mass, Inertia, Ang Vel, Create Axes, Separation)

  • cbc Active Element Only – Measure part using active elements only
  • rbs Element – Display measurement for selected elements
  • rb Part – Display measurement for selected parts
  • rb All – Display measurement for all visible parts

Cancel Pick

 Cancel last picked node (For Angle 3/4Node / Create Axes)


 Apply for displayed parts


 Delete selected local axes

  • Select current Reference Axes for measurement (1)
  • cbc Fr State – Measure from the current state to the assigned state

  • Select History type to plot (2)


 Plot History data in current XY-Plot window


 Plot History data in a new XY-Plot window


 Add History data to current XY-Plot window


 Clear selected items in list


 Raise all open XY-Plot windows


 Open and Raise all closed XY-Plot windows


 Exit Measure interface

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