LS-DYNA R11.1.0 (R11.139588) released

New version of LS-DYNA is released for all common platforms.

Release notes for LS-DYNA R11.1.0

Herein are summarized new features and enhancements in version 11.1.0.  The changes are primarily just bug fixes.

The items are arranged by category.  Understand that in many cases, a particular item could fall under more than one category, but in the interest of brevity, each item is listed only once, under a single category.

Excluding the “Miscellaneous” category, the categories are arranged alphabetically.




CESE (Compressible Fluid Solver)





Discrete Element Method

EFG (Element Free Galerkin)


Forming Analysis


ICFD (Incompressible Fluid Solver)

Implicit (Mechanical) Solver


Isogeometric Elements


*MAT and *EOS

0 to 1: material is elastic
1 to 2: plastic
2 to 3: softening/damage


Before r86885 and after r102224, these regions were decomposed without any coordinate transformation at all. Between those versions, the global transformation applied to all these regions. I think that behavior makes sense, but someone complained that r86885 changed behavior, so it was removed in r102224. Then someone ELSE complained that r10224 changed the behavior that THEY wanted, so this option is now added.




SPG (Smooth Particle Galerkin)

SPH (Smooth Particle Hydrodynamics)

Thermal Solver

XFEM (eXtended Finite Element Method)