LS-DYNA R10.1.0 (R10.123355) released

New version of LS-DYNA is released for all common platforms.

Herein are summarized new features and enhancements in version 10.1.0 since the release of version R10.0.0.

The items are arranged by category.  Understand that in many cases, a particular item could fall under more than one category, but in the interest of brevity, each item is listed only once, under a single category.

Excluding the “Miscellaneous” category, the categories are arranged alphabetically.

LT.-1                 Absolute value is ID of curve defining FRIC vs. part pressure.
GT.-1 .AND. .LT.1 Specifies the factor.
GT.1 ID of *DEFINE_FUNCTION defining FRIC.  Bag pressure, bag volume, and current time are passed as arguments into the function.
LT.0                   ID of *DEFINE_FUNCTION. Absolute part pressure and current time are passed as arguments into this function that determines the leakage factor.
ID of load curve for leakage velocity vs. absolute pressure.
GT.0 Leakage factor (a constant).
CESE (Compressible Fluid Solver)
  1. Tshells were not writing element history data to dynain file.
  2. When starting the analysis at a stage with non-zero start time (*CONTROL_STAGED_CONSTRUCTION, STGS>1), output data was being sent to ASCII and binout files every time step, no matter what intervals were set on *DATABASE_…. This could have slowed down the code, or made the output files very large. The bug did not affect d3plot or d3thdt files.
  3. When LS-DYNA automatically creates beam elements duplicating *ELEMENT_DISCRETE (for plotting purposes), these beams should not be written to the dynain files.
  4. *LOAD_GRAVITY_PART and *DEFINE_STAGED_CONSTRUCTION_PART were unnecessarily issuing an error termination if parts containing beam elements with ELFORM=3 were referenced.
  5. *DEFINE_STAGED_CONSTRUCTION_PART automatically generates gravity loading by creating *LOAD_GRAVITY_PART, but it should not do this if the user sets ACCEL=0 on *CONTROL_STAGED_CONSTRUCTION. This would have no effect on results (because the applied gravity acceleration is zero) but computational effort was wasted.
  6. Fixed bug affecting large format dynain files (as used in Staged Construction, or if FTYPE=10 on *INTERFACE_SPRINGBACK). The *INITIAL_STRAIN_SHELL data was written incorrectly under these conditions:
    • “Large” dynain file format is used (as is the case in Staged Construction),
    • MPP on multiple processors (the bug does not affect SMP),
    • The model contains shell elements with a mix of numbers of in-plane integration points, for example ELFORM=2 (1 in-plane point) and ELFORM=16 (4 in-plane points).

    If the dynain file was then used as input to a second analysis, LS-DYNA could not read it. The work-around was to delete the *INITIAL_STRAIN_SHELL data from the dynain file: this strain data is for post processing only and does not affect other results.

Discrete Element Method (DEM)
Forming Analysis
ICFD (Incompressible Fluid Solver)
Implicit (Mechanical) Solver
*MAT and *EOS

When *CONTROL_MPP_DECOMPOSITION_BAGREF is used, dummy with (3) is also treated in the special decomposition algorithm which gives very poor MPP performance. A fix was made to do the special decomposition to those shells with (1) or (2).

SPH (Smooth Particle Hydrodynamics)
Thermal Solver
if multiple include files are used.