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  • light panel
  • Figure 1 – Light Interface


The Light interface is used to apply different lighting effects using up to ten independently setup lights. The appearance of the model plotted in view, shaded, or smooth shaded modes can be changed by adding lighting effects.

3 types of lighting models are available: Ambient, Diffuse, and Specular. The position of light sources and their intensity can be modified to achieve the desired effects. By default, two lights are turned on. Additional lights can be turned on/off as desired.

Once a set of lighting options are set, these setting can be saved in an LS-PrePost preferences file for future use. To save the settings, use FileSave Configuration. This information will be written to .lspostrc in the working directory.


  • Select light number from list (1) to define a light
  • rbs On – Turn highlighted light on
  • rb Off – Turn highlighted light off

  • rbs Ambient – Adjust the ambient component of light
  • rb Diffuse – Adjust the diffuse component of light
  • rb Specular – Adjust the specular component of light


 Reset light to default values

  • R – Set level of Red
  • G – Set level of Green
  • B – Set level of Blue

  • X-pos: Enter X coordinate for light source MP
  • Y-pos: Enter Y coordinate for light source MP
  • Z-pos: Enter Z coordinate for light source MP

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