How do I use define draw bead in stamping analysis?

The draw bead is defined by a consecutive list of slave nodes that lie along the draw bead. For straight draw beads only two nodes need to be defined, i.e., one at each end, but for curved beads sufficient nodes are required to define the curvature of the bead geometry. The integration points along the bead are equally spaced and are independent of the nodal spacing used in the definition of the draw bead. There are several procedures to define the draw bead:

a) The nodes for the draw bead can be defined by using the card of *SET_NODE_OPTION (the nodal coordinates should be defined separately.

b) Define the contact between draw bead and the blank by using the card of *CONTACT_DRAWBEAD (NOTE: THE BLANK MAKES UP THE MASTER SURFACES.) The use of this contact is similar to other contact cards with the exception of the fourth card that defines the characteristic of draw beads.

c) Attach the draw bead nodes to rigid bodies *CONSTRAINED_EXTRA_NODES_OPTION. The draw bead nodes do not need to belong to the element connectivity of the die and binder.