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  • history panel
  • Figure 1 – History Interface


This interface is used to display and plot data for various data over time. It allows selection of various nodal, element, and material quantities from binary files like d3plot, d3dtht etc…

Depending on the type of binary files loaded, the list of available components will change. Time history plotting data from d3plot files is also possible. However, typically a d3plot file contains data for state animation. Consequently the resolution of time history is limited to the number of states in d3plot files. For higher resolution time history plotting, either d3thdt, binout, or various ASCII files should be used.


  • rbs Global – Select global history plot
  • rb Nodal – Select nodal history plot
  • rb Element – Select element history plot
  • rb – Select element integration point history plot
  • rb Material – Select material history plot
  • rb R-Nodal – Select relative nodal history plot
  • rb Scalar – Select fringed scalar history plot
  • rb Vol-fail – Select volume of material failure option
  • Failure levels: Select failure levels from list
  • cbc Eroded – Add item to failure list


 Add entered value to the failure levels list


 Clear text field and selected items


 Delete selected item from the failure levels list

  • Value: Enter failure level value to be added to the list
  • cbc Sum mats – sum materials for material history plot

  • Value: Select element values or max/min element value for material (Elm/Max/Min)
  • E-Type: Select element type for time history plotting
  • E-Axes: Select shell element axes for time history plotting
  • Surface: Select shell stress surface position


 Plot time history data in current XY-Plot window


 Plot time history data in a new XY-Plot window


 Add time history data to current XY-Plot window


 Clear selected items in list


 Raise all open XY-Plot windows


 Open and Raise all closed XY-Plot windows


 Exit Time History Plot interface

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