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  • group panel
  • Figure 1 – Group Interface


This interface is used to create and manipulate groups of parts. Often this interface is used to create groups that represent subsystems in a complex system. For example a model with two dummies, a vehicle, a deformable barrier, front seats, rear seats, etc… can be grouped. These groups can be saved to a file for later retrieval in subsequent post-processing sessions. Groups can be added to another group or subtracted form a composite group.

The grouping facility is somewhat similar to the Views Interface, except here group is a collection of entire parts. Its usage has similar applications in results presentation where typically a large amount of information needs to be conveyed to the audience in a limited time.


  • Group list: Select created group from list (1)
  • Group Name: Enter new group name


 Create a new group from the active set


 Delete selected group from the list


 Re-name a selected group


 Make the selected group the active set


 Add the selected group to the active set


 Subtract the selected group from the active set


 Save group data to a file


 Load group data from a file


 Exit Group Operations interface

  • rbs Or – Apply Or operator to operations
  • rb And – Apply And operator to operations
  • rb Xor – Apply Xor operator to operations
  • cbc Auto Center – Automatically center the selected group to screen

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