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  • follow panel
  • Figure 1 – Follow Interface


The Follow interface is generally used in conjunction with model animation. The user can choose either a single point or a plane which will then be frozen and displayed in the center of the screen at all times during the animation.

If the structure is undergoing large rigid body translation or rotation as it is crushing, often it is difficult to understand how the structure is deforming relative to some point in the structure. The Follow Point option allows freezing of the displacement of a follow point (node picked to freeze). Follow Plane is for removing rotations of a body undergoing large rotations, such as tires, a brake rotor, or even an entire vehicle.

Follow plane has an additional option to select parts to freeze rotation as opposed to the whole model (all parts). Follow settings are retained upon exiting this interface and entering another interface. The Reset button disables the follow point and follow plane.


  • rbs Follow Point – Choose single node to follow (see Node1 below)
  • rb Follow Plane – Choose plane to follow (defined by Nodes1-3 below)
  • cbc Node1 – Enter ID for node 1
  • cb Node2 – Enter ID for node 2
  • cb Node3 – Enter ID for node 3
  • cb Part – Follow plane with respect to selected parts. Pick/Enter part ID
  • cb All – Follow plane with respect to entire model
  • cb Select Model – When multiple models are loaded, this opens a menu in region (1) from which to choose the model that Follow will apply to.

Apply follow to model view


Clear pick list


Deactivate follow mode and restore model to previous position


Return to previous interfaces