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file menu
  • New – Close all currently loaded models and prepare to load a new one
  • Open – Load data from an external file
  • Binary Plot – Open a binary plot (d3plot, d3eigv) file for post-processing
  • LS-Dyna Keyword – Open a keyword (*.k, *.key, *.dyn) file
  • Time History – Open a time history data (d3thdt) file
  • Command File – Open a command (*.cfile, *.ses, *.cmd) file
  • Database File – Open a database (*.db) file
  • Interface Force – Open an interface force file
  • Nastran Input – Open a Nastran (*.nas, *.dat) file
  • Lsplot – Open a new results database
  • Others – Additional file format options
  • Import – Load and merge data from external files into current model
  • LS-DYNA Keyword – Import a keyword (*.k, *.key, *.dyn) file
  • Nastran File – Import a Nastran (*.nas, *.dat) file
  • Occupant Model – Import a dummy model
  • IGES File – Import an IGES (*.igs, *.iges) file
  • VDA File – Import a VDA (*.vda) file
  • Dynain Binary – Import a dynain file
  • Recent – Load recently viewed input/results files (new in LS-PrePost 2.2)
  • Update – Refresh d3plot files for a run in progress
  • Save Keyword – Save pre-processor data to a keyword file (over-write existing file)
  • Save Keyword As… – Save pre-processor data to a keyword file (specifiy new file name)
  • Save Active Keyword… – Save active pre-processor data to a keyword filee (specifiy new file name)
  • Save Config – Save configuration file (.lspostrc)
  • Save Post.db… – Launch PostProcess DB Dialog (see below for further details)
  • Save Project – Save current project (over-write existing file)
  • Save Project As… – Save current project (specifiy new file name)
  • Print… – Launch Print Dialog (see below for further details)
  • Movie… – Launch Movie Dialog (see below for further details)
  • Exit – Exit the program
  • Save Exit – Save current data and exit the program
cfile dialog

File → Open → Command File

  • Pausetime – Use slider to set the pause time between execution of each command in the command file
  • cbc Loop Continuously – Loop command file contents (often used to showcase or demo saved work)

Browse file system for command file to open


Start playing the contents of the command file




Step through each step in the command file


Rewind – rewind the command file for starting from the beginning


Close the command file



Exit the command file interface

postdb dialog

File → Save Post.db

  • Pathname: Enter pathname of postdb file
  • Filename: Enter filename of postdb file

Browse file system for postdb file


  • rbs Active States – Save active states (set in State Interface)
  • rb All States – Save all states
  • rb Enter States – Enter state numbers to be saved


  • rbs Active Model – Save the active model only
  • rb Whole Model – Save all entire model


  • cbc Maxima – Select maximum stress amount for all shell surfaces
  • cb Upper – Select shell uppper surface
  • cb Middle – Select shell middle surface
  • cb Lower – Select shell lower surface


  • rbs Nd/Misc – Select nodal disp/velo/accel/thickness etc…
  • rb Stress – Select stress components
  • rb Strain – Select strain components
  • rb Resultant – Select stress resultant components


Save Input

Save the input file for creating postdb file

Write db

Write the post-processing database file


Cancel operation

print dialog

File → Print…

  • Path: Location to save file to
  • Name: File name to save as
  • Extension: File type to save as

Prints to file


Exit Print Dialog

movie dialog

File → Movie…

  • Format: Select movie file format
  • Repeat: Set number times to repeat animation in movie
  • Size: Select movie resolution
  • (WxH): Width and Height
  • Frames/sec: Frames per second
  • Pathname: Directory path of the file
  • File Name: Enter movie filename
  • Gamma: Enter gamma correction

Start the movie


Exit Movie Dialog