External magnetic field

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It is now pos­si­ble to set up a uni­form ex­ter­nal mag­net­ic field. The three time de­pen­dant com­po­nents can be set up through load curves. This ex­ter­nal mag­net­ic field is then ap­plied on the con­duc­tor parts where in­duced cur­rents are gen­er­at­ed and the clas­sic Ed­dy cur­rent prob­lem is solved. This fea­ture can for ex­am­ple be use­ful in cas­es where the user knows or has a good idea of the mag­net­ic field gen­er­at­ed by a coil on a work­piece. This way, he doesn’t have to build the whole coil which can save a lot of cal­cu­la­tion time.