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  • dieline panel
  • Figure 1 – DieLine Interface


This interface is somewhat similar to ChainM, but it is designed specifically for metalforming applications. A line die may have 5 stages for example, and each stage may be run as a separate LS-DYNA run. This may include a blank transfer stage also. The results of individual runs can be chained into a single continuous animation using this interface.

Each model can be translated if required before building the animation sequence. In addition to this, additional facilities for offsetting the time and adding delta time for each model are available to account for time delay between each process.


  • rbs Set Time – Set starting, ending, and delta time
  • Select model from list for chaining operation (1)

  • Offset Time: Enter offset time for this model
  • Anim Start T: Enter animation start time for this model
  • Anim End T: Enter animation start time for this model
  • Delta Time: Enter delta time for this model


 Assign offset/start/end times definition to model


 Clear offset/start/end times and set to original time


 Clear offset/start/end times for all modesl

  • rb Rotate – Rotate the model
  • rb Translate – Translate the model
  • Direction: Set direction of translation (X, Y, Z, N1-N2, N1-to-N2, Pt-to-Pt)
  • Distance: Enter distance of translation

  • cbc Node1/P1 – Pick position to define first node/point coordinates
  • cb Node2/P2 – Pick position to define second node/point coordinates


 Reset model to its original position


 Translate in negative direction


 Translate in positive direction

  • rb Reflect – Reflect the model


 Apply dieline to all selected models


 Undo dieline setup


 Create post.db file

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