Page 2: Detach (Detach Elements)

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  • detach panel
  • Figure 1 – Detach Interface


This interface can be used to detach (disjoint) elements as well as break connectivity at individual nodes. Using the General Selection Interface elements can be picked for detachment with great flexibility.


  • rbs Shell – To separate shell elements
  • rb Beam – To separate beam elements
  • rb Solid – To separate solid elements
  • rb Tshell – To separate tshell elements
  • rb Node – To separate all elements at a node

  • rbs Element – Select group of elements to be detached
  • rb Edge – Select edges of elements to be detached

  • Starting NID: Enter starting node ID
  • cbc Show Free edges – Find and Show free edges


 Detach the selected data


 Accept the detach operation


 Reject the detach operation


 Done detach interface

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