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  • damppt panel
  • Figure 1 – DampPt Interface


This interface is for showing, creating, modifying, and deleting the following damping definitions:


This is an alternative method to using Page 3 keyword card forms in that there is direct interaction with the model via the graphics viewport.


  • rbs Show – Show existing damping part nodes
  • rb Create – Create new damping part nodes
  • rb Modify – Modify damping part value
  • rb Delete – Delete damping part

For Show, Modify, and Delete, the Entity Operation Interface is displayed in the secondary controls area. For Create, the General Selection Interface is displayed in the secondary controls area.

  • Label: Choose between Symbol and None

  • rbs Stiffness – Damping part stiffness
  • Damping: Input damping value
  • rb Mass – Damping part mass
  • LCID – Load curve ID which specifies system damping for parts
  • SF – Scale factor for load curve

  • FLAG – Set to unity if global components of damping forces require separate scale factors
  • ST – Scale factor on translational damping forces
  • SR – Scale factor on rotational damping moments
  • STX/Y/Z – Set X/Y/Z direction


 Select all damping part entity


 Deselect all damping part


 Reverse selection damping part


 Select all entities within the selected range


 Apply entries for creation/modification


 Cancel this modification or selection


 Exit damping part data interface

  • Click item from list to select (1)

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