General Overview

  • input/output
  • Common file IO options

LS-PrePost® was designed to provide the following core functionalities:

bullet Full LS-DYNA® keyword support

bullet LS-DYNA model visualization

bullet LS-DYNA model creation and editing

bullet Advanced post-processing

LS-PrePost’s main post-processing capabilities include states result animation, fringe component plotting, and XY history plotting.

LS-PrePost is also capable of importing and exporting data in a number of common formats. The figure on the right illustrates a sampling of those that a typical user might find most useful.

UI Layout

  • primary controls

1. Menus Perform file management functions and configure general program preferences.

2. Graphics Viewport Model rendering area using the OpenGL graphics API.

3. Pages Tabbed interface providing access to keyword editing and most other pre and post-processsing tools.

4. Rendering Buttons Hot-buttons providing easy access to frequently performed functions related to model display and interaction.

5. Primary Controls Primary control area when using functions accessed through pages

6. Secondary Controls Secondary controls for page functions and animation controls

7. Command Line Allows input of raw commands, outputs continuously updated command history, and provides alerts and other status information.

8. Status Bar Displays help information when the cursor is moved over various items in the main window.

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