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  • color panel
  • Figure 1 – Color Interface


Use this interface to apply different colors and transparency levels to selected parts. This information can be saved using the Save/Retrieve Views interface.

Color interface allows user to interactively change color and transparency levels of parts. Besides changing colors of parts, following additional capabilities are available:

  • 1. Making of a user preferred color by varying RGB levels.
  • 2. Assigning colors to background, mesh, text, labels, highlight as well as specific color for fringe colors for each range.

Editmap allow re-definition of the colors in the Colormap grid of 6X7 colors. The user edited color map can be stored for later use using the Lmap and Smap buttons respectively.


  • rbs Pick Part – Assign color/transparency by part
  • rb Area – Assign color/transparency to parts inside/outside a user defined area
  • rb Polygon – Assign color/transparency to parts inside/outside a user defined region
  • rb In – Assign color/transparency to parts inside the area/polygon
  • rb Out – Assign color/transparency to parts outside the area/polygon

  • rbs Color – Set color for parts
  • rb Transp – Set transparency for parts

  • Colormap: Used to assign colors to parts automatically – can be used to assign colors to parts manually

  • cbc Editmap – Clicking on the color map will assign a chosen color to the color map (toggle on/off)

 Reset the color map to default settings


 Assign color/transparency to all visible parts


 Apply the current color map to parts


 Reset transparency of all parts to opaque


 Save part colors to an ASCII file


 Load part colors from an ASCII file


 Exit Set Part Color interface

Color Bottom Panel:

  • secondary color controls
  • Figure 2 – Color Bottom Panel

  • R: Use slider/text field to set value for Red color component
  • G: Use slider/text field to set value for Green color component
  • B: Use slider/text field to set value for Blue color component

  • Color Chooser: Displays a user defined color or a color picked from a part/color map.(1)

  • rbs Set – Assign user defined color to part/color map/option
  • rb Show – Show picked part/source color in the color chooser


 Show/set fringe color (select fringe level from list)


 Apply selected color as plain background color


 Apply selected color as text color


 Apply selected color as sky color, (for Fade, Dia-fade and Tri-fade backgrounds)


 Apply selected color as mesh color


 Apply selected color as label color


 Apply selected color as middle color, (for Tri-fade background)


 Apply selected color as highlight color


 Apply selected color as outline color


 Apply selected color as ground color, (for Fade, Dia-fade and Tri-fade backgrounds)

Transparency Bottom Panel:

  • secondary trans controls
  • Figure 3 – Transparency Bottom Panel

  • Transparency Factor: Transparency Factor component slider

  • rbs Pick Toggle – Pick part toggle transparency on/off
  • rb Pick Through – Pick transparent part through to set other part

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