Page 5: CNRB (Constrained Nodal Rigid Body)

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  • cnrb panel
  • Figure 1 – CNRB Interface


This interface is used for showing, creating, modifying, and deleting the following LS-DYNA keyword cards:



  • rbs Show – Show existing *CONSTRAINED_NODAL_RIGID_BODY entities
  • rb Create – Create new *CONSTRAINED_ NODAL_RIGID_BODY entities
  • rb Modify – Modify *CONSTRAINED_NODAL_RIGID_BODY entities
  • rb Delete – Delete *CONSTRAINED_ NODAL_RIGID_BODY entities

For Show, Modify, Create, and Delete, the General Selection Interface is displayed in the secondary controls area.

  • Type: Set current entity type (CNRB, CNRB_SPC)

  • Label: Select entity label type (None, Symbol)

  • PID: Enter Part ID of the nodal rigid body
  • CID: Enter Coordinate ID/Open link dialog by clicking on the label
  • NSID: Enter Node Set ID

  • cbc Pick PNODE – Pick node from model to be PNODE
New ID

 Set PID and NSID to next highest available ID

  • PNODE: Enter PNODE/Open link dialog by clicking on the label

  • IPRT: Set print flag
  • DRFLAG: Set displacement release flag
  • RRFLAG: Set rotation release flag

  • CMO: Set center of mass constraint option
  • CON1: Set first constraint parameter
  • CON2: Set second constraint parameter


  Apply create, delete, and modify


  Cancel current modification or selection


  Exit CNRB Interface

  • Click item from list to select (1)

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