Shock Analysis with USA/LS-DYNA®



  1. DAA Field Solver
    1. Flu­id struc­ture in­ter­ac­tion and DAA back­ground
    2. Flu­id bound­ary mass ma­trix de­vel­op­ment and mod­el­ing pro­ce­dures
    3. Flu­id struc­ture in­ter­ac­tion ap­prox­i­ma­tions and block low rank so­lu­tion meth­ods
    4. Time in­te­gra­tion pro­ce­dures
    5. Shock wave load­ing, bub­ble load­ing, and com­bined shock­bub­ble load­ing
  2. NRB Field Solver
    1. Po­ten­tial for­mu­la­tion for cav­i­tat­ing acoustic flu­ids
    2. *Mat_­Acoustic pro­ce­dures in LS-DY­NA and us­age with USA
  3. Mis­cel­la­neous
    1. Hy­dro­sta­t­ics, pre­loads, resid­u­als, in-flu­id nat­ur­al fre­quen­cies, and MPP us­age
    2. Cav­i­tat­ing spec­tral el­e­ment and cav­i­tat­ing flu­id el­e­ment al­ter­na­tives to *Mat_­Acoustic