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  • chainm panel
  • Figure 1 – ChainM Interface


Multi-step analyses are often conducted in separate phases as individual LS-DYNA runs. For each run a set of binary d3plot files is produced, and each set of plots starts time of T=0.0. This interface allows chaining individual sets of d3plot files into a single animation sequence.

The first step is to load each run through the File menu (FileOpenBinary Plot). The number of models loaded will be shown in the model selection list. By selecting a model from the list and pressing the Apply button, a sequence list can be built in the list below. The starting state, ending state, and increment for each model are determined by LS-PrePost automatically (or they can be modified by the user for each model).

Finally, after composing a sequence, the Chain button can be pressed. This will chain the selected models together. The animation interface can be used for various animation adjustments at that point. To unchain the sequence, the Unchain button can be pressed to proceed with normal single model animation and processing.


  • List of currently loaded d3plot sets (1)


 Apply chaining to this model (move to list below)


 Remove this model from chaining

Rem All

 Remove all models from chaining

  • List of plot sets that will be chained (2)

  • Starting State: Enter the starting state number
  • Ending State: Enter the ending state number
  • Increment: Enter the state increment number


 Apply chaining to all selected models


 Unchain selected models

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