Car Hitting a Standing Dummy Sideways

Please find below an email from Sarba Guha from the LSTC Dummy Modeling Team concerning the “Standing Dummy Model”.

Hello Dyna Dummy Users Worldwide:

This mail pertains to the Standing Dummy Model sent out on Monday, 4th January, 2010. I have prepared a model containing a “Small Car Hitting the Standing Dummy Sideways”. Please download it using the following Link:


Our Date Naming Convention has now become yy/mm/dd. In the Dummy Name “10” is for the year 2010, “01” is for January and “05” is the day. This model is for demonstration purposes only and has no reality to it. It has been prepared to serve purely as a Learning Aid.

The following are the salient points to note:

Please try to learn as much as you can from this combination model. You can then easily replace my car model with any other specially designed car, barrier or object, to strike the dummy in your particular mode of analysis.

Please be on the lookout for one more mail explaining Point (9) in the notes above.