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  • bmesh fourpoints
  • Figure 1 – BMesh Four Points


This interface is primarily intended for mesh generation of blanks for metalforming simulations, but it may also have applications in other areas. Three methods of blank mesh generation are available:

  • 4 Corner Nodes (of a blank) + Element Size
  • Rectangle of given Length and Width + Element Size or Number of Elements
  • By Curve

The By Curve method allows a mesh to be created on an enclosed curve. Curves can be imported using IGES, VDA, DXF, or XYZ points. Element alignment can be along global axis or user defined by using the Element Alignment popup dialog. Mesh boundary options are as follows: Smoothed, Left Jagged (and optionally filled with trias), or No-Trim (creates a rectangular blank without trimming



 Get a new part ID from the current model

  • PID: Pick part ID for the current blank

  • rbs Four Points – Generate a blank by giving four points
  • cbc P1 – Pick node on model to define Node 1
  • cb P2 – Pick node on model to define Node 2
  • cb P3 – Pick node on model to define Node 3
  • cb P4 – Pick node on model to define Node 4


 Call Position Dialog for Points 1-4

  • ESize: Element size for the blank

  • bmesh rectangle
  • Figure 2 – BMesh Rectangle
  • rb Rectangle – Generate a rectangular blank by dimensions
  • Width: Enter or adjust width of blank
  • Height: Enter or adjust height of blank


 Call Direction Dialog to creat plane normal


 Change plane normal to global X


 Change plane normal to global Y


 Change plane normal to global Z


 Update plane normal


 Call Position Dialog to change center position


 Update the center position

  • Cx: Change plane center’s x-component
  • Cy: Change plane center’s y-component
  • Cz: Change plane center’s z-component

  • u offset: Enter or adjust plane center in the u direction
  • v offset: Enter or adjust plane center in the v direction

  • rbs Elsz – Give element size for blank
  • Elem Sz: Set or adjust element size for the blank (along diagonal)
  • rb Nel – Give number of elements for blank
  • NEL(u): Set or adjust number of elements along u direction
  • NEL(v): Set or adjust number of elements along v direction

  • bmesh bycurve
  • Figure 3 – BMesh By Curve
  • rb By Curve – Generate a blank by a curve

 Load curves for blank meshing from file

  • rbs Outline – Pick curve(s) to define the outline boundary
  • rb Holes – Pick curve(s) to define holes

  • cbc Smooth – Smooth the interior nodes after trimming (enter number of iterations)
  • cbc BoundarySmooth – Smooth the nodes on the boundary after trimming
  • cb Jagged Edge – Do a rought trim keeping the quadratic shape of the elements
  • cbc Tria Fill – Fill interior boundary notches with triangular elements
  • cb No Trim – Create a quadratic mesh that covers the curves but performs no trim


 Call Direction Dialog to create alignment for the elements


 Set alignment direction along X


 Set alignment direction along Y


 Set alignment direction along Z

  • Alpha: Rotate the above given alignment direction by this angle
  • El. Size: Element size for the blank


 Create the blank for evaluation


 Accept the blank


 Reject the blank


 Exit the BMesh Interface

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