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  • blank panel
  • Figure 1 – Blank Interface


This interface provides various methods of blanking (i.e., hiding or masking) selected entities. Unlike SelPar, which allows entire parts to be turned on/off, Blank operates primarily at the element level. This interface is available for both pre and post-processing phases. Entities are selected using the General Selection Interface.


  • rb Node – Blank nodes
  • rbs Element – Blank elements
  • rb Curve – Blank curves
  • rb Surface – Blank surfaces
  • rb Particle – Blank particles

  • rb Shell – Select shell element
  • rb Solid – Select solid element
  • rb Beam – Select beam element
  • rb Tshel – Select tshell element
  • rb SPH – Select SPH element
  • rb Mass – Select mass element
  • rb Disc. – Select discrete element
  • rb Seat. – Select seatbelt element
  • rb Iner. – Select inertia element
  • rbs AnyE – Select any element


 Blank the selected elements

  • cb UnBlank Part – Unblank picked part
  • cbc Auto-Apply – Automatically perform Apply after selection
  • cbc Auto-Update – Automatically update solid outer surfaces and edges after blanking

Blank All

 Blank all visible elements

Unblank All

 Unblank all elements


 Reverse blanked/un-blanked elements

Update Surf

 Update the 3D outer surface


 Update edge line

Unblank Last

 UnBlank last blanked elements


 Exit Element Blanking interface

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