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  • anno panel
  • Figure 1 – Anno Interface


This interface allows the addition of annotations to the Graphics and XY Plot windows. Annotations can be interactively added to the list or deleted from the list. Alternately, a previously defined set of annotations can be loaded through the File menu: FileOpenLabels.

Once an annotation label is positioned in the graphics window, it can be moved by dragging with the mouse to the desired location. Arrows originating from the annotation label to a point of interest on the graphics screen can be added to the label. These arrows can be positioned similar to the labels. Color, font, size, and angle of labels can be changed by selecting among the available options. Once the labels are positioned on the graphics area, they will remain in effect upon exiting this interface.

To remove the labels from the graphics area, labels can be deleted individually or all at once by using Del and Dall respectively.


  • A selectable list of currently defined labels is shown in region (1)

 Add new annotation text to the list


 Clear annotation text input field


 Remove selected annotations from the list

  • Text: Enter new annotation text to add to list
  • rbs Position – Position annotate text in drawing area
  • rb Move – Move annotate text in drawing area
  • rb Select – Select annotate text in drawing area
  • rb Arrow – Position annotate text arrow in drawing area
  • rb Nd Arrow – Position annotate arrow to a node
  • rb Delete – Delete annotation or arrows in drawing area
  • Col: Select label and arrow color
  • Ang: Select label angle
  • Pts: Select label font point size

 Delete and clear all annotations


 Save annotation file


 Load annotation file


 Exit annotation interface