Results from effective seismic input

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The im­ple­men­ta­tion of ef­fec­tive seis­mic in­put in LS-DY­NA was val­i­dat­ed by analysing a mod­el of the Mor­row Point Dam and com­par­ing the re­sults against the re­sponse com­put­ed from EACD, which us­ing the sub­struc­ture method for ground mo­tion in­put and a bound­ary-el­e­ment mod­el for the foun­da­tion rock, serves as a bench­mark.

Morrow Point Dam

The up­stream-down­stream dis­place­ment am­pli­tude at the cen­ter of the crest of the dam, as com­put­ed from LS-DY­NA and from EACD, are shown be­low. It is seen that the LS-DY­NA re­sults close­ly match the se­mi-an­a­lyt­i­cal re­sults from EACD.

displacement amplitude