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Building on soil


Soil-structure interface

The fig­ure above shows a mod­el rep­re­sent­ing a build­ing (red) up­on soil — the blue part is the elas­tic soil do­main and the green part is the PML. The fig­ure on the right shows the soil-struc­ture in­ter­face.

An ex­am­ple of a pure­ly dy­nam­ic analy­sis of this sys­tem — with­out any grav­i­ty load — is giv­en in the in­put deck ssi-dy­nam­ic.k. Tran­sient analy­sis of the sys­tem fol­low­ing an ini­tial sta­t­ic analy­sis is demon­strat­ed by a pair of in­put decks: ssi-sta­t­ic.k and ssi-tran­sient.k, to be run one af­ter the oth­er. The ground mo­tions used in the analy­sis are giv­en in el­cen­tro-x.ath, el­cen­tro-y.ath, and el­cen­tro-z.ath.

NOTE: Please ig­nore any er­ror mes­sages from LS-Pre­post that flag the IN­TER­FACE_­SSI cards as in­valid.